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What is Korfball

Korfball is a ball sport, with similarities to netball and basketball. A big difference is that it is played with boys and girls mixed. It is played by two teams of 4 players (mixed female and male) if you are between 6 -9 years old, and in teams of 8 players (four female and four male players) if you are over 10 years old. The objective is to throw a ball into a netless basket that is mounted on a high pole. More information can be found on

At what age can I join

Just like any other sport there are age categories, for Korfball they start at the age of 6 years old:

F -6 -8 years old (matches played by 4 players)

E -9 -10 years old (matches played by 4 players)

D -11-12 years old (matches played by 8 players)

All the way to A and if you are older than 19 the adult competition.

Playing Korfball at SDO

As a member of SDO you can learn how to play Korfball. Together with other boys and girls you will form a team and each week there will be practise. Throughout the whole year you will play against other teams in the weekend on Saturday (morning) to test who practised the best.

Korfball is played outdoors during the spring and autumn seasons, indoors during the winter season and during summer there is a break.

What is SDO?

SDO is the mixed Korfball association at the Rapportstraat in Veldhoven. Primarily we play Korfball, practise sessions during the weekdays and matches during the weekends. 

Each practise session is provided by the volunteers from SDO. They all have affinity with sports, know how to motivate young children and like to guide and support them to learn how to play Korfball. All of the volunteers are in possession of a Certificate of Conduct (Dutch: VOG) provided by the Ministry of Justice’s Integrity and Screening Agency (Justis). 

But that is not all, at SDO we have an active community of volunteers organising all sorts of activities, events and more throughout the year. These events ranging from spectacular “Mini-Disco” parties, Bingo or movie ‘nights’ and many more (depending on your age), will bring all the members together to have some party-time!

What are the costs?

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You can become a member for a little over 22 euros per month (10 times). As a member you can join all practises as well as the matches on Saturdays (morning). Next to that they can also participate in the other events the SDO organizes as indicated above.

Not completely sure yet? Please come over and experience it yourself! Join the practise for free (up to 3 times) and see for yourself. As a parent you can, of course, stay to watch your child(ren) play. Our canteen is open during the outdoor practises. Due to the COVID-19, there are some additional rules on the premises and this also impacts the opening of the canteen.

What do you need?

During practise it is best to wear clothes that fit easily and can become a little bit dirty, especially during the outdoor season. It is also important to have good footwear suitable for artificial grass pitches. During the matches everyone is required to wear the official SDO uniform (green shirt, black shorts), which can be bought at Olympia in Veldhoven. Having the uniform and proper shoes you are good to go!

A brief summary

  • For anyone over 6 years old
  • Playing Korfball with other boys and girls
  • Korfball at all levels, with focus on fun and skill development
  • Practise all year round (during the week) and matches (in the weekend)
  • Outdoors during spring and autumn, indoors during winter
  • 3 free trial practise sessions

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions?

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