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SDO Kangaroo Club

 Playing and physical excersize for children

 Besides having fun, learning to control your body movements is also important for young children. This will help them improving their mobility skills (coordination), will boost their self-confidence and it will help to develop social-emotional behavior. Doing exercises together with other children supports them making new friends and become happier kids.

What is the Kangaroo Club??

The Kangaroo Club is a group of kids, 4-6 years old, that get together once a week to do some low level physical excersizes using games and challenges to just have fun while improving their mobility. This way they can get familiar with sports and games in a fun way. The exercises are suitable for all skill levels and are broadly oriented to match everyones interest.

So… Are you 4 to 6 years old? Do you like to get into sports and play games together with your boyfriends, girlfriends, classmates or with new friends? Join us!

 When does the Kangaroo Club come together?

 he Kangaroo Club practises every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 10:30am, expecting every Kangaroo to be there a little bit earlier at 9:15am. During the practise there is a little break in which lemonade is served for the children.

During the winter time (November -March) practise is done indoors (the location will be announced in due time), for the remainder of the season (April -June and September -October) practise takes place outdoors at the korfball fields of SDO at the Rapportstraat in Veldhoven.

Each practise session is provided by the volunteers from the Korball association SDO. They all have affinity with sports, know how to motivate young children and like to guide and support them during the games and exercizes they will be doing. All of the volunteers are in possession of a Certificate of Conduct (Dutch: VOG) provided by the Ministry of Justice’s Integrity and Screening Agency (Justis). 

In addition to attending the practise sessions the Kangaroos can also participate in all other events that SDO organizes, such as spectacular “Mini-Disco” parties, Bingo or movie ‘nights’ and many more…

What are the costs?

Your child can become a member for 10 euros per month. As a member they can join all Saturday morning practises and as a gift they will receive a Kangaroo Club T-shirt for free! Next to that they can also participate in the other events the SDO organizes as indicated above.

Not completely sure yet? Please come over and experience it yourself! Have your child join the practise for free (up to 3 times) to get the best impression and to see for yourself. As a parent you can, of course, stay to watch your child(ren) play. Our canteen is open during the outdoor practises. Due to the COVID-19, there are some additional rules on the premises and this also impacts the opening of the canteen.

What do you need?

During practise it is best to wear clothes that fit easily and can become a little bit dirty, especially during the outdoor season. It is also important to have good footwear, preferrably running shoes, or at least closed shoes/sneakers on which they move around easily.

A brief summary

  • For children 4-6 years old
  • Playing games with other preschoolers every Saturday morning
  • Games focus on fun and skill development
  • Toddlers learn to deal with rules and learn to hold their attention
  • Practise sessions are all year round
  • Outdoors during spring and autumn, indoors during winter;
  • 3 free trial practise sessions.

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions? ?

Mail to kangoeroeklup@sdo-korfbal.nl

Download the application form and fill it in digitally. Download


The Kangaroos are hoping for more friends, so don’t hesitate and come and have a look!

Would you like to view some exercises online?

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